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Best way to Lose Weight in a Week

People are so ambitious that they want to lose weight without putting a big effort. So many people tried methods like yoga, workout, running, jogging and simple exercises which prove helpful in dropping weight to some extent. But that extra fat which accumulates on your body can’t be condensed.

If you want to get rid of your bulkiness quickly you should adopt some diet plans along with demanding exercise routine. Make a schedule of seven days straight in which you follow some extraordinary tips from fitness experts and nutritionists. The more tips you follow the more weight you’ll lose; it depends on your ambitiousness. So it is better to start now and by the time next week you’ll feel and look lighter. Quick weight loss diet plans are the best way to lose weight in a week. For a week a day-to-day diet plan is as following:

Day 1
On day one of this diet plan you have to rely solely on fruits all day. Bananas shouldn’t be on your fruit list. Along with fruits you have to take 10-12 glasses water on first day of diet plan. No other food item should have consumed if you want to work this plan efficiently.

Day 2
After the fruit day you have to eat vegetables throughout the 2nd day. You can take these vegetables in both raw and cooked form. Avoid any kind of oil for cooking the vegetables you can either boil them. Boiled potatoes would be good in the morning for good part of carbohydrates for whole day. Don’t forget the maximum water intake even you need to visit toilet more.

Day 3
During 3rd day you will eat fruits and vegetables for the day, not consuming potatoes and bananas. Also drink more water on day 3 as well.

Day 4
Day 4 diet plans sound interesting as you have to eat bananas along with milk for the day. You will have to make proportions of banana and milk for the breakfast, midday, lunch and dinner so that you don’t feel hungry.

Day 5
At day 5 you have to increase the water uptake from 12 to 15 glasses. Also you can eat a cup of rice in lunch and 6-8 tomatoes throughout the day which increase the uric acid in your body. That’s why you have to up the water intake.

Day 6
Likewise, day 5 you have to make sure the increase in water uptake. Also you have to stick to your vegetable diet.

Day 7
On last day of this quick weight lose diet plan you will feel a considerable amount of change in your body and you feel light. On this day you allowed to eat any vegetable you like and cup of rice. Instead of starving the stomach for losing weight you should adopt the healthier and fastest way to lose weight. Losing weight is all about minor disadvantages shared with specific techniques.

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